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Tomatoes stall in the market of Sanary-sur-mer, France

Shanoja Ecoplus Ltd

Shanoja Ecoplus Ltd is a company that converts organic waste into sustainable and high quality animal feeds, and bio-fertiliser that works towards rejuvenating soils and boosting crop production. The company that mainly operates in the black soldier fly business to convert organic waste into valuable proteins works with over 1,000 smallholder farmers, including atleast 700 women. The animal feed provides a sustainable protein-rich alternative to the conventional or imported highly priced feed thereby keeping smallholder agribusinesses profitable. Also, the bio-fertilizer provides an affordable and environmentally friendly fertilizer that works to rejuvenate soils and boost crop production.


Goroora Millers Ltd

The company processes over 10 tonnes of grain per week of over 1,713 smallholder farmers, who earn regular income as suppliers of flour to key national and regional markets across East Africa. Goroora Women Maize Producers Association (GWMPA) consisting of over 90 members is one of the main beneficiaries of the company. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company partners with farmer organizations to train farmers in climate smart agriculture practices, such as green manuring and conservation agriculture, and link farmers to suppliers of quality and affordable climate resilient and sustainable farming inputs, such as seeds.