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COSEF joins Collaborative For Frontier Finance Early-Stage Capital Provider Network

The Collaborative for Frontier Finance is a multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to increase access to capital for small and growing businesses in emerging markets.

CFF works with diverse stakeholders – including local capital providers, institutional investors, development agencies, philanthropic funders, and field builder organizations – to accelerate financing solutions that target SGBs. With a bias to action, CFF works in three ways: by building and empowering networks of these stakeholders, capacity building and undertaking market-based initiatives to address systemic barriers, with a view to fostering a peer-to-peer learning environment and providing a platform for collective action.

Early-Stage Capital Provider Network as an initiative of the Collaborative for Frontier Finance encompasses capital providers that target SGBs at the early stage of their business model. CFF manages a network that currently supports seventy ESCPs in 3 key areas;

  1. Shared learnings: A peer to peer approach that engages and builds relationships among these capital providers. Provide in person gatherings and ongoing workshops for shared learning of “what’s working?, what’s not?”. Access to experts in relevant topics.
  2. Network building: Establish a mechanism for mutual support, collective action and increased visibility.
  3. Collective Action: Identify initiatives for CFF to support on members’ behalf; develop and implement ideas which CFF and the ESCPs can take forward that provide “tangible” benefits to the ESCP network members and the broader early stage financing sector.