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Developing the next generation of impact entrepreneurs

COSEF is instilling Impact Measurement and Management skills into social entrepreneurs groomed under the Skills and Career Enrichment Program for Social Entrepreneurs program.

The overall objective of the program administered as a practical open distance learning certificate short course is to develop higher institutions of learning students/graduates around the globe into highly skilled social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

The program targets graduates and final year students enrolled in higher institutions in the following fields-Finance and Accounting, Investment Management, Business Consulting, Marketing and Communications, Operations Management, Project Management, Data Analytics, IT and Data Management, Engineering, Agriculture, Research and M&E, Human Resources, Product Development, Sales and Customer Acquisition, Process and Quality Management, and Legal

The Impact Measurement and Management module developed by COSEF covers areas such as; (i) goal(s) setting to come up with the problem(s) or issue(s) that the social enterprise will solve, activities to be undertaken to solve the social problem(s) or issue(s) etc; (ii) stakeholder analysis to identify direct and indirect beneficiaries and their expectations and to verify whether their expectations have been met; (iii) results measurements to transform goal(s) into measurable results via outputs, outcomes, impact and indicators; (iv) impact verification and valuation to find out whether the outcomes were realized during the timeframe and in the quantities expected and if they were of value to the beneficiaries; (v) monitoring and reporting.

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